Strategy Software Planning Tools Project

 The Strategy software Planning Tool (or SSPT for short) is a Web-based application which supports the planning of human resources in a small or medium enterprise with a project-oriented business. 

The main concepts of the SSPT are tasks on one hand and employees on the other hand.

It has been a great pleasure for me to work on this exciting and challenging project. 

This project proved good for me as it provided practical knowledge of not only programming in ASP.NET and C#.NET web-based application and no some extent Windows Application and SQL Server, but also about all handling procedure related with “Software Project Stratagem Planning Tool”.


    There are in three modules:

  1. Admin module
  2.  Employee module
  3. Client module

Module Description:

Admin Module:

The administration is also called project manager of the company. He can have all the privileges to do any thing in this system. The administrator can register new employees, clients, projects which are coming into the organization. Admin can keep track team employees and their performance


In this admin maintains the client personal details and contact details and client project details etc.


In this admin creates the new department and modify the old department details. 


In this admin creates new employee designation details and modifying the old employee designation details.


In this admin creates the new project domain details or modify the old project domain details.

Add employee:

In this admin creates the new employees information like project manager information or project leader information or team leader information or team member information etc..

Employee Module:

The employee is the main person of the company those are creating and maintain all projects this different types of employees working in the company.

Project manager:

While accepting any project the company having knowledge of that project domain. the project manager will collect the necessary information for that project domain and share the knowledge among the all the team which needs to involve in that project.

Project leader:

The project leader will responsible for all team leaders.

Team leader:

The team leader will lead the entire team.

Team member:

Team member having responsibilities to developing the task.

Clients Module:

The client is the main person of the company because client gives the requirements to the organizations.complete client details can be maintained by the administrator.the project manager sends a notification to the client regarding project status.

Strategy software Planning Tool project report and abstract.

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