Speed Cash Maintenance System Project Abstract

The main aim of developing this Speed Cash Maintenance System is to provide effective money transfer tool for customers in banking system. This project has implemented on visual C#.net and SQL Server. The main advantage of this final year system is to send money with in seconds in intranet and over the internet.

This project looks like user friendly way and any new customer who doesn’t know computer basics can access this tool to send money to small towns and rural areas. The previous developed Cash system worked with MS Access database, so large amount of data storage is not possible and it was available in banking branch offices only.

 Features included in this Computer Science project are: 

  1. Send Money through savings account and current account.
  2. Send money via demand drafts and cheaques.
  3. Add new customers account number.
  4. Can change password, mobile number and other user settings. 
Speed Cash System ER

Find the below added SQL database code written for Speed cash System:


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