Special features of oracle 9i

Special features of oracle 9i:

Oracle 9i is the latest version of Oracle database which comes from one or two releases. It broadly explains functionality features and mounting the depth of the features of oracle 8i. Some of the most significant features of oracle 9i are:

  • Clustering real applications: Clusters pave one of the ways to spread oracle 9i database over multiple machines in a bunch of servers, with each having the source to scale and be available over the entire cluster.
  • Dynamic Memory groups: This feature helps to alter the size of memory pool without obstructing or restarting the server.
  • Data Guard: This feature grips standby databases from maintenance and failover automatically.
  • Automatic Undo Management: This feature provides the user to simply define an undo table space instead of defining and managing rollback segments.
  • Flashback Query: Flash back Query uses the same mechanism used in multi version consistency. It is one of the small features which permit the user to run a query against database and return the earlier similar results.
  •  XMLType: It eradicates the need to check the incoming and outgoing documents of the database. This data type permits to store XML documents in the database directly.
  • List Partitioning: It provides an added advantage of partitioning data on the basis of list of values. This feature becomes helpful while doing isolate maintenance operations.
  • Fast Start Recovery: Provides to specify the duration that is spent in recovering a database.
  • Zero Data Loss: This feature ensures zero loss of data by enabling standby database which is exactly the same state as in the active database, so that no data will be lost in the event of a failure .

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