Smart Offers Engine on Mobiles CSE Project in Java with Abstract

Introduction to Smart Offers Engine on Mobiles Project:

As per the present system the advertising of the retail outlets is made in order to attract people and these ads are based on paper prints thus making it possible to reach the customers of all levels. Mobiles are nowadays available at affordable rates for all customers thus making it possible for them to advertise in mobile ways. This is also a smart way of advertising. This application provides various advantages like firstly it allows the owners of these retail outlets to push the new offers in front of the mobile users.

On the basis of the time set by the owners of the outlet users are provided with various mobile offers. Thirdly, on the basis of the location of the users users are entitled to get various offers. Fourthly, it also makes it easy for the customers to view the offers and make sure whether they are valid or not. At the same time it can also compare with other offers. smart offer engine and view offers are the other two parts of the system.

The implementation of a “SMART OFFERS ENGINE ON MOBILES” is possible only with the downloading of an application onto the mobile that relates to a particular server and thus making it easy for the interchange of information. The pushing of the offers by the retailers are possible only with the mobile smart offers and this facility depends on the time and location of the users. To get the services based on the time and location the phone should enable the GPRS and GPS service.

The mobile app will detect the server and send a message requesting for the offers at a specified outlet. This is possible only when the device is present in the surrounding press of the outlet. This is further sent in the form of SMS to the mobile phone and as the GPS service is supported in mobile handsets then the appliance can be used to detect the server’s location.

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