Seminar Topic on Telecommunication Network PPT

Approximately the urban is 27% and the total number of town is less than 51100 which constitutes a population of less than 100 k. Again, the number of villages is less than 550k that supports less than 5k population. In 2010, the density of telecom sector was 9.5 and 35%. The number of broadband projection was 3 million in the year 2005 and 9 million in 2007. Cable tv connection is almost 60 millions among which 14.5 million comes from the rural areas.

Administrations and government  provide for:

Social role standards


Settlement of disputes


Features of broadband technologies:

A good role of the operators of VSAT

Implementation of satellite connections for inaccessible regions

Fro rolling out of broadband a strong wireless connection is considered

Due to the limited quantity of copper loop DSL there is a low teledensity

Wireless technology scenario:

Wireless kiosks  help in shows sales and temporary events

Limited mobility on the basis of CDMA, CDMA -1x

Access the wifi  connections

Discussion for 3G services

FWT terminals- 3 millions

Management of frequency that is used by applications requires less spectrum than it is originally required due to the advancement in technologies and dynamic provision.

Re-farming of spectrum

New technologies

Wide use oftools devised out of spectrum management

Use of optimum sprectrum

Growth of services as well as subscribers

There is a need of standard nd regulation for intellectual rights of property, privacy and securirity.

Migration scenarios

Effective technological challenges

New innovations


Lower prices

High performances

In 2015 te telecom neytworks security will get high importance due to the growth of the traffic. There are still various reasons in the rural regions that provide hindrance in the communication process but with time the number of such areas will progressively reduce.

Different environmental conditions


Problem of power supply and topologies

No maintenance of the systems

Limited service areas

Lower speed

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