Seminar Report on NabBelt and GuideCane

Introduction to Seminar Topic on NabBelt and GuideCane:

In general all most all persons having all body parts, but they didn’t do any work perfectly. Then what about the handicapped persons. Here we are discussing about blind people. They are being feared by the public, because public doesn’t help anyone. For this kind of people scientists decided to end the blindness, so researchers developed a hi-tech technology, which is known as “Guide Cane”, which is a novel device under development at University of Michigan’s mobile robotics labs.

It has a long handle and sensor head is attached at distal end of handle. The sensor mounted on the steerable and ultrasonic sensor mounted on sensor head during operation. When an obstacle is in front or nearby of a blind person (him/her),it will vibrate and warm to that person, so by using physical strength he/she removes that obstacle. It is easy to operate and keep to store in pocket.

                                    Existing system are complex in size, cost effective, and not to use easily, because which are electrical systems and fixed with mind or keep in eye of blind people, so which causes many problems. But it is not like that. Blind user can walk anywhere without supporting anyone. It doesn’t need training compared to white cane.

It has some parts, which are 1. Thumb operated mini joystick is used for direction control, 2. Cane is used for support of (forward-up facing, upward facing, sideways facing, front facing sensors) head sensor, 3. Sensor mount is used for sensing the obstacles, 4. Ultra sonic sensors will detect obstacles and mounted on sensor head, 5. Flux gate compass will read off the relative direction, 6. Steering servo will move in different directions, 7. Incremental encoders are used for odometer, 8. Left and right wheel guide are used for moving purpose, 9. Computer& electronics are used for adding angles and working perfectly.

                                    Sensor seems obstacle and servo steers guide wheel avoid obstacle and user feels motion of cane and follow. Up-step can be identifying by the forward facing sensor. So it is more reliable and more useful for blind people.

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