Research Findings and Analysis from the interviews with managers and from the qualitative study


This section presents the data collected from the participants who are involved in the case study through semi-structured interviews. The gathered data is analyzed and interpreted and presented as findings. The findings are organised under three categories, namely from the interviewed managers, from  the responding employees and the participating customers. These findings are collated to provide answers to the research questions in the light of analysis. The analysis is carried out by comparing the findings with the relevant themes identified in the literature review section.

Findings from the qualitative study

All the findings are presented as the opinions of the managers, customers and employees with the use of primary data collection techniques by employing qualitative techniques. The findings of the qualitative study facilitate provide answers to research questions which meet the research objectives in order to solve the research problem. The secondary data in the form of web reports is used if necessary to supplement the primary qualitative data.

Findings from the interviews with managers

The findings from the interviews with managers mainly focus on the role of management in identifying the shortcomings in the communication styles of part-time international employees who are students and improving the communication of employees who are part-time international students.

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