Recruitment Agencies CSE Project

Recruitment Agencies CSE Project  is an alternate for manual existing manual process. As every sector is moving towards computerizing there services in order to achieve global goals. Human resource management system is one among them which is playing main role in maintaining database for employees. Recruitment-Agencies-CSE-Project

As major companies organizing hosting services of HRMS. This project explains about computerization of It Recruit system. Using this system manual work will be reduced to a large extent. This project increases flexibility, quick response, less processing time, non-diligence, fast recovery, robustness, reliability, scalability. 

As organizations are dependent on HRMS for maintaining database of their employees and recruiting information. This It Recruit project will provide services for fast and easy access which will satisfy all the requirements for client. 

Recruitment Agencies application is developed with a user-friendly interface using HTML language which is used for fast loading of the page. Design is implemented in the way that user can easy access the features of the webpage. Hyperlinks are provided for the user on every web page through which user can easy navigate from one page to other page with less risk. Each page is designed with new look so that user can easily understand the content of the page which will provide security. 

This application is developed in five modules where each module has its own features. Candidate module helps user to update there resumes details in to the site with few other features which are explained in project document in detail. 

Employee module is used to know details about their job availability and status of their job. 

Recruiter module main fucnationality is to update job details based on the job category which will be available for candidates and employee to submit their resumes. 

Admin module will have access to all modules to maintain entire website and remove unwanted information which is not related to website. 

Recruitment Agencies CSE Project System Specifications.

  • Hardware platform
  • Pentium III processor or higher
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Software specifications
  • Jboss 3.3, J2SDK 1.4
  • Oracle 8i
  • Internet Explorer5.0 or Mozilla.

Download CSE Recruitment Agencies CSE Project.

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