Python Projects

The below list of available python projects on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, OpenCV, Text Editior and Web applications. Software requirements are python programming, Anaconda , etc.

Latest Topics:

  1. Lyrics Scrapper from website
  2. Phishing website detection  
  3. Pneumonia detection using deep learning
  4. Customer Spending classification using K means clustering
  5. Titanic data clustering on survived data.
  6. Recipe Recommendation system using K means clustering
  7. Character detection from images using OCR
  8. Crude Oil Prediction using SVR & Linear Regression
  9. Face Recognition based Criminal Identification system
  10. Language Translator and converting voice to text
  11. Face detection based attendance system
  12. Automatic Land mark classification using Deep Learning
  13. Automatic Brand Logo detection using Deep learning
  14. Fake News Detection Using Naïve Bayes Classifier

Python Text Editor

  1. Number plate recognition using opencv
  2. Emotion based music player
  3. Detection of brand logos from given images
  4. Color recognition using neural networks for determining the ripeness of a banana

Machine Learning

  1. Vision Sentiment Analysis using googleapi cloud
  2. Sentiment Analysis
  3. Classification Of IRIS Flowers Using Scipy Library In Machine Learning
  4. Visualize Machine Learning Data Using Pandas
  5. A Framework for Analysis of Road Accidents
  6. Wal-Mart Sales Prediction
  7. Bigmart Sales Prediction
  8. IIT Paper Analysis
  9. Disease Prediction using machine learning
  10. Heart Disease Prediction
  11. Custom Digit Recognition
  12. Rain fall prediction using svm, Artificial neural network, liner regression models.
  13. Self Driving Car Simulation using AI
  14. Crop prediction using linear regression
  15. Automatic question and answer generation using NLP
  16. Vehicle counting for traffic management


  1. Python Image processing using opencv.
  2. Pedestrian detection
  3. Custom Digit Recognization
  4. Driver Drowsiness detection using opencv.

Web Applications 

  1. Iris species predictor flask web app
  2. Medical data analysis using machine learning using flask webapp
  3. Youtube spam detection using flaskwebapp.
  4. Named Entity Recognition and sentiment analysis using flask webapp.
  5. Text summarizer and comparison using flaskwebapp.
  6. Gender classification based on name.
  7. Image encryption compression and decompression and decryption
  8. Data encryption using aes,des algorithms
  9. Toll gate management system
  10. Image stegnography using lsb algorithm
  11. Prediction house worth using machine learning
  12. Securing data using hybrid cryptography in cloud
  13. Evaluating Employee Attrition
  14. Improving security for login using two factor( password and QR code) method.
  15. Heart Disease Diagnosis based on symptoms
  16. Automation of test evaluation for objective and subjective tests
  17. Phishing website detection
  18. License Detection Using QR Code
  19. E Plastic
  20. Student Help desk
  21. E Waste
  22. Online Shopping
  23. E farming
  24. Visualizing Machine Learning Using Pandas
  25. Detecting Pneunomia using Machine Learning
  26. Two factor authentication using QR code APP for user login
  27. House Worth Prediction based on machine learning
  28. Water Marking Image
  29. Analysing and Detecting Money Laundering

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