Python Academic Projects for Students

These are the Academic Python Projects for Final Year Students. Download the complete project code, report ppt

  1. University Exam Center Management System Project:

The main aim of developing this application is to provide a complete online examination system for the university

Modules & Users of the System:

  • Administration
  • Head Of the Department
  • Vice Chancellor
  • Department

The Functionalities involved in the project are below:

  • Exam Center Allotment  Information Page
  • Exam Center  Information Page
  • Institute  Information Page
  • Panel  Information Page
  • Papersetter Appointment  Information Page
  • Papersetter Bank  Information Page
  • Papersetter  Information Page
  • Paper Print Order  Information Page
  • Payment  Information Page
  • Program  Information Page
  • Subject  Information Page
  • Time Table  Information Page
  • User  Information Page

Download the complete project on University Examination Center Management System Project.

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  1. Medical data analysis using machine learning using flask webapp
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  4. Can you please share the details of Analysing and Detecting Money Laundering project on my email, i am interested in getting/buying it.

  5. I need the full source code for Securing data using hybrid cryptography in cloud project as soon as possible as I want to submit it as my minor project.

  6. BAT: Deep Learning Methods on Network Intrusion Detection Using NSL-KDD Dataset.
    I am interested in this project and need the source code with working and report

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