This Protection Repair And Maintenance Of Rcc Structures Btech Civil Project report is about Protection repair and maintenance of rcc structures. RCC stands for Reinforced Cement Concrete. The report emphasize on Protection repair and maintenance of R.C.C. structures. The purpose of the report is to highlight the methods of repair and maintenance to be undertaken for structures with defects and deficiencies that necessitate rehabilitation.

protection-repair-and-maintenance-of-rcc-structures-btech-civil-projectRepair and maintenance methods currently used are reviewed on the basis of present knowledge and the merit of a holistic system approach. This report focuses on visible symptoms of the problem rather than on visible and invisible problems as well as the possible causes behind them. This report focuses about the repair materials and the techniques used since the use of appropriate repair materials and techniques is essential for the satisfactory performance of the repaired structure. This report presents an analysis of concrete illnesses, curing treatments, and problems leading to unsatisfactory performance of repaired concrete structures.

Provides prescriptive advice for engineers on the repair and maintenance of reinforced concrete structures damaged by reinforcement corrosion. It covers:

i. The mechanisms of corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete,

ii. The diagnosis of deterioration in concrete structures, including the planning and interpretation of defect investigations,

iii. Some of the options for repair, each with its prognosis for future service life and maintenance requirements,

iv. The types of materials used to repair the damage and protect against future deterioration, and

v. Preventive maintenance.

The deterioration mechanisms described and most available repair options apply, in principle, to all forms of concrete with embedded steel reinforcement. This report is primarily aimed at non-pressurised reinforced concrete.


Repair and prepared corrected area should be carried out systematically. Applications of protective coatings are required to be properly supervised and carried out. Surface defects like bugs holes and honey comb require immediate repairs.

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