Stock Management System Android App Synopsis


  • Stock Management System is software which is helpful for the businesses operate stores, where store owner keeps the records of purchase.
  • This project eliminates the paperwork, human faults, manual delay and speed up the process.
  • Stock Management System will have the ability to track overall worth and available stock.
  • This is simple, fast and intelligent Stock management that can be used by anyone who has a smartphone.


  • Manual calculation of stock present in any store is time-consuming and very risky.
  • The workers cannot maintain the store when there is no owner as they do not know the prices.


The proposed system is an Android application, it is better than existing system because of following reasons:

  • Easily accessible by anyone.
  • Overall worth of stock, products worth can be viewed by owner.
  • Prices of stock present in the store can be seen so that worker can also manage the stock without the presence of the owner.
  • It doesn’t require manpower, so it is not expensive.


This Stock Management System project will be a great help for the stores because it is a great difficult task that to manage stock and calculating the worth. He can also manage the stock by doing operations(add, remove) so that the person will be notified when to get the new stock into the store.


“Stock Management System” can be used in small stores for keeping track of stock easily and save the time.

DIGICARE On-The-Go Android Application


This project is aimed to develop a DIGICARE online Android application that allows the user to check their BMI, can search their disease, donate or receive blood and also set a reminder to improve time efficiency and also easily retrieve using dataset analysis.


The main aim of the Android project is to develop an android application where we can search any doctor and can book appointment whenever we want so that there will be no need to stand in a long queue for getting an appointment. We can also donate or receive blood using our application. This will allow the user search for the person having the similar blood group that is required and can contact them whenever we need it.

We can also able to set remainder that allows the user to remind the time that they have to take pills at a particular time, it will send a notification that the user has to take pills in the notification bar. We can check our BMI (body mass index) using this application that will allow the user to check whether they are healthy or obsessed so that, they can maintain their proper diet and can be healthy.

The overall features that are been shown above will be in a particular application so that any user can use the above features whenever an wherever they want.


There are some Existing application’s that are used to set remainder, check BMI etc, but all are available individually.


The main aim of this project is to provide a platform where we can check our BMI (body mass index) , find the disease using the symptoms directly from the network, donate or receive blood so that we can contact the donor for blood, and also to set a reminder to remember the time to take pills etc, all at a single platform for time efficiency and to get.


Programming languages: Android
Software used: Eclipse ADT/ Android studio, MySql.

Carve your Choice Food App

The main aim of developing this Android-based mobile Carve your Choice Food App is to provide easy food application to the users those who want to explore tasty food in their kitchen. This app can be helpful to the newcomers to prepare delicious food.


  • Displays only recipe description by selecting the particular recipe
  • only shows grocery items
  • individual details of each ingredient


  • Many people want to do a variety of recipes in their homes.
  • Some people may have a habit of preparing a variety of cuisines in their homes and they try to browse and cook.
  • Here there is a problem arises of ingredients Some may be available may not be available and it takes more time to search and can’t find nutrition facts directly.


  • Manually typing about the items
  • Doesn’t show each and every detail of vegetables
  • It requires more time to search for recipes.


we are going to provide a Carve your Choice Food App for different ingredients like organic food and inorganic food materials with their use cases and also we are linking up with videos so that everyone can access easily


  • Time-saving, Conduit-free setup, and maintenance
  • Ease of Use and Implementation
  • It is useful for bachelors
  • The people who don’t know cooking
  • It can show the diet details so that we can follow healthy tips


  • Android SDK
  • ADT Bundle
  • SQLite


  • Operating system: Windows XP,7,8,10.
  • Coding Language : Java 1.6,1.7,1.8
  • Tool Kit: Android 2.2
  • IDE: Eclipse


User (My Recipes):

Users can add and edit the recipes of their choice.

Grocery list:

Users can select any type of ingredients according to the categories existing in the database and can prepare their cuisines.

Cook Recipes:

The user can find many varieties of recipes and can choose their favorite ones to prepare.

Meal Planner:

According to the person, they can plan their diet for the whole day that is breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Kitchen tips and tricks:

People can follow some of the tips that they need for their kitchens.

Database: In this module, the establishment of a connection between the front end and back end will be done.


As our food-related idea is useful for a number of people we are providing features for literate and illiterate people so that the person can easily understand and they can prepare any type of recipe using this app and can learn the easy way of cooking with their available items.

College Campus Application for Activities and Notifications

Project Synopsis

Problem Statement:

To develop an android mobile application that allows access to college activities and notifies the students of the upcoming events.

Objective and Scope of the project:

This android based campus application automates the admission of the student including the academic performance, Department notices, Placement updates, Sports, Cultural activities etc. The student will be notified through the mobile application whenever there is a shortage of Attendance/Internal marks and also he/she will be notified of the updates from placement cell.

The hobbies of the student are gathered during the registration of the student and they will be notified about the cultural activities, sports and other events that are held at University/College level. 

Description of modules:

  1. Admission
  • Admission Form
  • Documents Required
  • Fee Payment Mode
  • Fee Structure
  1. Transportation
  • Transportation Form
  • Fee Structure
  • Fee Payment Mode
  • Driver Contact
  1. Academics
  • Department
  • Semester
  • Internal marks
  • External marks
  • Attendance
  1. Placement
  • Placement Coordinator
  • Placement Updates
  • Training Updates
  1. Sports
  • Inter College level
  • State level
  • Indoor
  • Chess
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Squash
  • Outdoor
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • VolleyBall
  • Basket Ball
  • Hockey
  1. Cultural
  • Inter College level
  • State level
  • Singing
  • Dance
  • Fashion
  • Paper Presentation
  • Elocution

Requirements(Hardware and Software):



Processor-Intel i3 and above

Hard Disk- 40GB


Operating System: Windows 7 & above

Tools Used: Android SDK

Tainted Seed Test Using Digital Image Processing 


Currently, farmers face a major problem to detect contaminated seeds, the proposed Android application detects the percentage of seed purity using the technique of digital image processing.

Due to the increased use of smartphones, farmers can easily capture images anywhere, anytime. The proposed approach helps farmers to detect pure seeds immediately in their fields without the help of any technician who may be miles away and may take a long time to calculate the result.

Requires a mobile camera with a minimal configuration. This Tainted Seed Test Using Digital Image Processing application is not limited only to Indian farmers, but can also reach out to other nations that depend on agriculture.