Online Cab Booking System Java Project

This Online Cab Booking project deals with an online system designed for booking cabs as per the requirements of the customers at their convenience.

The current system is manual and it is time-consuming. It is also cost-ineffective, and the average return is low and diminishing.

We give customer satisfaction the utmost priority and so give ample options to book cab by entering details like their journey date and time, origin, pick-up point, destination and the drop-off point they need to reach.


Existing Online Cab Booking project system requires lots of physical and mental efforts as cabs are booked manually on call.
Many chances of human errors such as wrong entry of journey date, time and location are recorded manually in a register by an employee thereby increasing chances of misregistration.

No clear communication among drivers, passengers and the office leading to a denial of service.
Punctuality is not maintained and faster accessibility of cabs is not possible due to traffic and miscommunication issues.

Level of sharing of information is weak.

Customers suffer a lot in terms of comfort and safety.

Maintaining and assigning responsibilities to the cab drivers by the service providers becomes difficult in the long run.


The proposed Online Cab Booking project system ensures that the users can book the cab as per their requirements by logging on to the website.

It allows users to book their cabs online, manage their bookings and cancel their bookings at any point of time.

The users will get notified about the driver and his mobile no. so as to communicate with him.
Regular updates are provided to the customer so that they are aware of their bookings, driver details, and booking status.

The user can also drop in their suggestions or queries in the feedback form.


It enhances business processes since it makes use of internet technology to increase their profits.

The software acts as a 24/7 office due to its all-time availability.

It increases the efficiency of the system in offering quality services to its customers.

It’s user-friendly as they can book cabs from the comfort of their homes or offices.

It’s highly secure as it requires only a logged in person to book the cab which prevents misuse of their details by intruders.

Health Prediction Management System


“Health Prediction Management System” is a project which is developed to provide an easy and simple way to both users and doctors communicate with each other directly. In this application, users can search the symptoms of the diseases to the doctor from anywhere and at any time.

The user can also ask queries about their problems online directly with the doctor. Doctors can see all the details of the users and give the answers to their queries anytime.




Admin gets logged into the application with a valid username and password. Admin can view all the details of the user and doctor.


The user should give all the details in the registration form to get registered in the application. The user will be given username and password after registration. The user can consult a doctor by selecting the symptoms of the disease. The user can send a query directly to doctor. The user can get the response in view feedback field.


The doctor should give all the details in the registration form to get registered in the application. The doctor will be given username and password after registration. The doctor can view users query and send them to reply.



Application main page displays main modules like Admin, User and Doctor.


Admin login page in which admin can get logged in by entering valid username and password.


Admin main page displays modules like view users and view doctors.


Admin view all details of users in user details page.


Admin view all details of doctors in doctor’s details page.


Users need to fill all the details in the registration page to get username and password.


User can get login by entering unique username and password


User main page displays modules like search and doctor feedback.


Users search page enables users to select options and find the result.





Doctors need to fill all the details in the registration page to get username and password.


The doctor can get login by entering unique username and password.


Doctor main page displays modules like view feedback.


The doctor can view the details of users query in view feedback page.


The doctor sends a reply to the user.


Our project “Health Prediction Management System” provides an easy and simple way to users and doctors to communicate with each other. Our project also saves lot of time and effort to both users and doctors.

E-Commerce Project Preface and Acknowledgement

The below preface and Acknowledgement is for a simple e commerce website. Students can easily prepare their own preface, Acknowledgement, Limitations and Future Enhancement with the help of the below example.


The main thing, which has been kept in mind   during this e-commerce based Web development, is our best efforts to make it easy, attractive & user friendly.

Let’s take a quick tour to know why you should trust my aayurvedic medicine to find your perfect match!!

Regardless of the type of online presence you hope to achieve—from informational to artistic to commercial—I will help you achieve it with professionalism and style.

This site is developed with one simple goal in mind: grab a visitor’s attention and hold it. Why? Because that is, quite simply, how success is achieved on the Internet.

Case studies have shown that the average web surfer will leave your site within 8 seconds if they fail to understand your purpose or can’t easily digest your message at a glance. That means your website must inform and dazzle instantly and simultaneously if it is to have any chance of competing online.

My goal as a professional web designer is to create a one-of-a-kind website that will not only knock the socks off your competition, but also keep your visitors coming back for more.

Learn more about my custom web design services.

Working Designs To the right are a few examples of my recent web design projects. Feel free to explore my work, and then come back to learn what, specifically, I can do for you.

Welcome to the E-Commerce Project, a unique site in the cyberspace.


A small web-site as this one has required   help from many quarters. We realized this when we ventured into the area of web development.From the beginning everyone co-operated, supported us for which we express our sincere acknowledgement.

Training  is  the first  step in  the  practical  field  from  where one learns  how to apply  theory  principles  for  this  the   practical  purposes.To develop a successful website,one needs understanding    and   co-ordination  from  all those who are  directly and  indirectly involved in this.

We, the students of Engineering College, find ourselves to be privileged to have golden opportunity to develop website under the guidance of such people without whom designing and developing website successfully would have been just impossible for us. We are thankful to them.

We would like to thank all those who have supported us. A person can be successful only when the team and organization for which they are working have unlimited goal of his perseverance. We hereby, like to show our deep gratitude towards our instructor and project in charge all faculty of college helped us very much.

We are obliged to them for successful completion of our E-Commerce Project.

Last but not the least;

Above all, we should not forget the great director of the world,

‘The Almighty’; let us thank the Almighty for His inspiration.


No system or software is 100% perfect or reliable in its sense of functionality and performance. There are always small or big bugs in the system. So our system has also some limitations.

  • Chatting is not possible with our E-Commerce Project.
  • It is not possible to view colors of newly launched bike(s) while purchasing the bike.
  • Future enhancement will include all the functions which we are not able to implement in our system.
  • Like in future we can make the messenger in which it is possible to chat with members of our site.
  • And also try to connect with other messenger.

May be in future it is possible to get solution on the spot.

Work In Progress (WIP) Java Project

Work In Progress  (Production and Stores Accounting System)module will accept the process sheet details from the Methods department. By using this information, the PPC prints the documents for required work order for the given Number. The new Work order is launched as per the Number with the Work In Progress status ‘R’. The cost center, machine code & batch quantity are also chosen.

When a new work order is to be launched WIP forwards Material Requisition to Material Management. Then MM, in turn, propels the material requisition to the Store, to confirm the availability of the material. If the required material is existing, Store mails Material Requisition Issue to WIP so that a new Work order may be successfully launched.

If the material is withdrawn from the store for a new work order, it indicates that the Work order is ‘ready for loading’ and the status of the WIP is updated to ‘R’ (Ready for Loading). When the Work order is loaded to the machine, the WIP status is altered to ‘L’ (Loaded) from the shop. When a particular operation is in progress then the status is reorganized as ‘N’ (Not Completed) by SFM module.

In the SFM module itself, the machine card/labor card is booked for that work order with respect to Operation number. When a Work order is completed, the WIP status is updated as ‘C’, which indicates the completion of the Operation.

Inspection of manufactured parts is done not only after each operation but also after the completion of the final operation. When the PPC offers the component for each operation then WIP status is updated as ‘I’. After the completion of the final operation for that particular Work order, the refined component is credited to the store & the WIP status is updated as ‘F’. Hence by screening the status of WIP user can predict the phase of the work order.

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7

Technology             :  Java/J2EE(Servlets,JSP,JDBC)

Web Technologies  :  Html,Javascript,CSS

Web Server: Linux ad-hoc server

Database: Oracle 11G(Grid Computing), Oracle 9I  (forms and reports)

Software ’s: JDK 1.6

Hardware Requirements:

Hardware: Pentium based systems with a minimum of P4

RAM: 1GB (minimum)

Download the attached Work In Progress (WIP) Java Project Code & Database.

Banking System C++ Project


Banking System is developed in C++ to replaced manual System by a computerized system.

This system allows to create a new account and Allows to deposit and withdrawal amount facilities.

It Also maintains Loan Transaction and Paying Loan Installment.

It also Provides Advanced searching Facilities.


Open Account

User to Create The New Account Of Customer

Deposit Amount

In This Module, Customers Can Deposit Amount in their Accounts.

Withdraw Amount

In This Module Customers Can Withdrawal Amount from their Accounts.

Display All Account

This Module Display All The Account Information.

Display Transaction

This Module Display Transaction Information By Account No, By Date And All Transactions Of All Accounts.

Delete Account

This Module Closed Account Of Customers.


This Module Maintain All Transaction Of Loan. Also, Maintain Installment.


This Module Provide Advanced Searching Techniques.

Transfer Amount

This Module Provide Facility For Transfering Amount From One Account To Another Account.


–   System Generate Account No and Loan Id Automatically.

–   The user can not Enter number In Name Field.

–   The user can not Enter Character In Mobile No.

–   The user can not Enter Less or More Than 10 digits in Mobile no.

–   The user can not Enter Character In Numeric Field.

–   The user can not Enter Invalid choice and Invalid date into the system.

  • Welcome Screen
  • Developers & Guide’s Name Screen
  • Main Menu Screen

– User Can Select multiple Options.

  • Open An Account Form
  • Display All Accounts Information
  • Deposit Amount In A Particular Account
  • Account Information After Deposited Amount
  • Withdraw Amount In a Particular Account
  • It shows Account Information After Withdrawal Amount
  • Displaying Transaction Menu
  • Displaying All Transaction Information
  • Displaying Account Wise Transaction  Information
  • Displaying Account Wise Transaction Information
  • Displaying Loan Menu
  • selecting Loan Type
  • Displaying Calculation On Loan Amount And Add Interest to Loan Amount and Display Monthly Installment
  • Confirmation For Applying Loan
  •  Applying Loan And Storing Detail Of  Customer
  • Paying Loan Installment
  • Displaying All Loan Information
  • Displaying Loan Information By Loan  Type
  • Displaying Loan Information By Loan  Type
  • Displaying Search Menu
  • Searching Account In for formation By  Account No
  • Searching Account Information By  Date  It Shows Invalid date If Date Is not correct
  • Screen For Searching Account Information By  Date
  • Displaying Message If Record(s) Are not Found
  • Displaying Account Information BY Date
  • displaying Account Information Between Two Amounts
  • displaying Account Information Between Two Amounts
  • displaying Account Information By Account Type
  • displaying Account Information By Account Type
  • Transferring Amount From One Account To Another Account