Project Report on Cost Effectiveness of Mineral Wool Insulation and Perlite Insulation

The main aim of this Project Report on COST EFFECTIVENESS OF MINERAL WOOL INSULATION and PERLITE INSULATION is to have a cost effectiveness analysis of the system of the thermal insulation of the pipe lines in petrochemical plant to carry steam. The chemical plant to maintain temperature of fluids assumes importance since process performs at particular temperature.

 Heat loss through pipes prevents wrapping of pipe with mineral wool. To design an insulation system carries insulating material with economy and effectiveness equally for particular steam line.

 The project is about a thorough study of properties of the materials and to find out material that have properties and application aiming at heat conservation and ultimate economy in running. The properties and behavior of thermal insulating materials are available to the right and suitable for application. Care is taken for an account so that selected material is present without scarcity.

 Heat is a form of energy required to do several activities and heat energy also moves from one place to another and transfer to heat is different from matter to matter. There are three methods by which heat is transferred from one point to other. They are Conduction, Convection, and Radiation.

 Heat is transferred from body to body contact, by actual movement of particles, and without particles in the medium.

 Thermal insulation is a material that retards the heat flow and used as a barrier between two bodies to reduce loss of heat from hotter body into a cooler body. The functions include are Conserve energy,        Control temperature, Control transfer of energy, Retard freezing, and Control fire.


 This project concludes about the cost effectiveness of the insulation system satisfactorily. With replacement in the insulation system, heat losses and cost losses and cost of heat loss reduced considerably.

Download Project Report on Cost Effectiveness of Mineral Wool Insulation and Perlite Insulation

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