Production and Resource Planning System Project in Vb.Net

Production and Resource planning system project is management software useful in companies which manufacture goods. Using this application we can manage resource, customers, work, products, cost details, billing..etc.

Production and resource Management Forms work Flow:

Sales Order Work Process:

By default – for each line item, One sub-part is created, and the subpart is the same as the part # in the line item.

The user has the option to add Sub-Parts to each line item. If they click the ‘Add Sub-Part’ button, another Sub-Item is added to the line item. The User must then choose two different Sub-Parts from Inventory (sub-parts CANNOT be the same item as the line-item Part #).

WorkFolw Continued:

For each line item, the user can add Processes. They must select the box below ‘Start’ and click on the ‘Add Process’ button to pop up this window. The user can then click on the process they would like to add, or add a new process if need be:

Work Flow, Cont:

Note that when a Process is added, A ‘Add New process’ button appears before and after the process. This lets the user add process at any point in the process flow.

For each process, A Supplier must be chosen. If an external supplier is chosen, The a corresponding Purchase Order in the system must be linked. This Purchase Order should automatically populate the Due Date.

In ‘In House’ is chosen as the supplier, this means the part will be manufactured locally (NOT with external Supplier).

Extra fields should appear:        

Equipment:  Select from a list of Equipment.

Employee: Employee responsible for the process 

Finished/Received Button:  When clicked – to notify that the process is complete, the Finished Date should be entered automatically in the ‘Date Finished’ Field.

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