Performance of Content Delivery Under Competition In A Stochastic Unstructured Peer To Peer Network Project

Performance of content delivery unser competition in a stochastic unstructured peer to peer network project is a 2010 project which is implemented in java platform. Main aim of the project is to implement a algorithm which can reduce average download time from peers. This paper covers the concept of data downloading competition from different peers and there performance while downloading under stochastic, heterogeneous usntructured P2P settings where there is only single downloding peer for stochastic p2p networks.

In experimenting this appliction  we use wifi networks and different mobile clients downloading video file from and analysis the improvement of data transfering using this new algoritham.

Detailed information of this project is explained in the video file.


 download Performance of content delivery under competition in a stochastic unstructured peer to peer network project base paper, project documentation and 2010 paper.

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