Online Rental System Project In Asp.Net Source Code And Project Report

Online rental system project Description:

Online rental system project is implemented in platform using C# programming language. Main aim of this project is to reduce gap between showroom owners and clients. This application is a web portal project through which vendors will post their product details on website and provide solution for contact them. Users will enter website through search results and know details of products and contact show room owners. In present scenario internet had became best place for marketing different products through website.

Here we provide online rental system screen shots, DFD, UML diagrams, Work flow diagrams and full documentation with paper presentation.

download online rental system project source code in and project report with ppt.

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  1. Please tell me some hint for abstraction of my project of online rental service website (what content should i write in project defination and project abstraction)REPLY FAST AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE I AM WAITING FOR YOUR ANSWER.

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