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This Student Classroom Notes web application has helped to take only important notes in a relevant way. No user needs to spend more time taking notes. It’s a very easy way to take notes. Any kind of user can upload their notes at whatever time they want. It takes very less time to open the ”Student Classroom Notes”. Due to the very easy design of these apps, school students can also use this app to take their notes inefficient manner.

Importance and need of Student Classroom Notes:-

As it is developed for user-friendly so any sort of user can add their notes from any educational platform. They needn’t need go through any other online-offline software. These iNotes apps help to take the key point of important notes. As we are in this technical world so hard copy notes are not portable. There is a lot of chance of losing notes so this app makes the free risk of losing notes. User can keep their notes for future reference without any risk.

The motto:-

The main motto of this project is to the user can add or upload notes easily and very quickly as other software.
User can modify their notes in a very easy manner compared to other software.
Notes repositories are available in the form of a table manner so it is easy to identify your notes without wasting your time.
Users can log in from any location and upload notes and can share too.

Requirement Gathering:-

“Student Classroom Notes” is developed for all kinds of users from higher levels to lower levels. Many students and people do not want to take their notes with themselves every time. To remove such sort of problems, this “Student Classroom Notes” App been developed.

Working Principles & Methodology:-

In this project “Student Classroom Notes” every user has a username and password to access these Apps and can keep their notes personally.
He/she can keep their notes with the Title name and description so that the user can easily recognize the notes he/she uploaded.
This is very easy to identify their notes repositories on the home screen itself.
The user can easily search their notes in the search bar and filter too.

Software requirements:-

  • Operating System- windows10
  • Visual studio code
  • PHP
  • Google Chrome
  • MySQL database
  • Xampp Control panel (for local server)

We will be using visual studio code basic as our front hand because it is easier to use and provides features to the users which are used for the development of the project.

Future Scope & Conclusion:-

This web application has almost all the features of CRUD and smart online/offline notes taking.
The project has altos benefits. Managing the project is quite easy as per storing the notes. It is easy to maintain notes and update them as required.
As we know that technology is increasing day by day so hard copy note-taking will be decreased, at that time it will helpful for those who will use this app.
Still, some additional features are not added to the apps. As we are seeking features, if it’s required we will add them as soon as possible.

Hope every user has a clear idea of using our “Student Classroom Notes” Apps.

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