Online Cloud Storage System PHP Project

Welcome to Online Cloud Storage System, This cloud storage system will provide to add/upload/modify data on the real-time cloud.

In this Online Cloud Storage project, we mention the uploading and downloading the file from the server which is mean as cloud server which is located on Amazon cloud which is used to accessing the speed. This is a very useful application to store the data in the cloud. The user will get more idea about the cloud and Other application. It is also useful to create the small environment for Storing and downloading information from cloud to get more idea.


In Proposed Cloud Storage system user download the file on the cloud. Which is means End user is getting the more speed about the Internet when they will click on the User. Because the cloud is also similar to the database which is means is also database but having the more space that a reasonable user getting more speed to search the information as well as getting more security about the data.

Objectives are as follows:

1. To provide cloud-based data security.
2. To improve cloud-based file management.
3. To implement efficient file retrievals.


1. Admin Module:  In this module the admin can view the user’s details and allow them to perform view User, uploading, downloading files operations.

2. User Module: User should log in with his registered account and view the status, download files.

DFD & UML Diagrams Below:

Class Diagram
Class Diagram
Collaboration Diagram
Collaboration Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Use Case Diagram
Use Case Diagram


    1. Home Page
    2. Registration page
    3. Registration validation
    4. Send Feedback
    5. Sharing and Uploading Files
    6. Upload  Page:
    7. View Profile:
    8. Downloading Files

Downloading Files Feedback page  Registration Page Sharing and uploading Files uploading Files View Profile

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Family.
Application Server :    XAMPP , Zend Engine.
Web designing languages :  HTML5, CSS3.
Scripts: JavaScript, Jquery.
Server-side Script: PHP.
Database:   Mysql CLOUD
Database Connectivity :   PhpMyAdmin.

Download Online Cloud Storage System PHP Project.

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  1. This website is the best project guidance for computer science.

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  2. Really awsome website helpful for every programmer.
    I am trying to implement this ideas but I am failed to do this.can I have you code sir pls…I need this Claud storage system in zip format pls mail me if possible

  3. This system is the best project guidance for computer science.

    Dear sir, Please send Cloud Storage System PHP Project ZIP files and DOCUMENTS..

    TQVM 🙂

  4. This is a very nice project…The cloud computing system help me to clear my thoughts about selecting a good project….
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