Online Auction Market Bid Java Project Report

Introduction to Online Auction Market Bid Java Project:

To sell any item in the market we first need to set the price of the item. Price depends on the many factors such as type of item, value of item, type of auction we are going to launch and the quantity of the product with its initial price, number of participants.

All these things are kept in point to deal with the price.

This auction can be performed online also or using any software. For that we need to design the software. To design new software we need few tools like for coding the software we can use JAVA jdk1.6 and for the back end IBM DB2.

We need system that run that software, minimum requirement for the system that can run that software is XP operating system with 40 GB hard disk with Pentium IV and RAM 512MB.

This technique is based on the clustering that is used for focusing the price for online auction with k-algorithms.

We need to determine the starting price and end price with the help of bid calculator. We can develop the simulation based model for the final price. Authors proposed the algorithms for simulating the final prices. Multi-agents can do multiple at a time for the auction.

Clustering technique differentiate the price across the different auctions. System should robust for more than one online auction.

Using the technique of regression tree, we can finalize the final price with multi-classification and multiple binary classifications.

We also have machine learning problems. This should be kept in mind that all the auction should began at the same time and all the bidders that are participating are starting from first with step by step. 

Download  Online Auction Market Bid Java Project Report.

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