Multiple Access techniques Used in Cellular technology and implementation of signals in C language

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Project title  Multiple Access techniques Used in Cellular technology and implementation of signals in C language.
Is this an external project? Please note the warnings in the handbook  No
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Short description of the project:  
 Multiple-access channels are the mathematical model for a number of channels of interest. For instance, in cellular communications if we consider one cell in isolation then the channel seen by the mobile stations when transmitting to the base station can be modelled a multiple-access channel. Compared to a point-to-point channel, a multiple-access channel has the additional difficulty of the interference that users create with one another. This project explains all the multiple access techniques that make up a cellular communication.
Ethical and Legal Considerations  
 I believe that it is a most prestigious opportunity to get a chance to work on a project under the guidance of an esteemed univeristy in the subject of my choice. I will take extreme care to write my project with through research and shall not copy or state any information that is designed by others. I will make it a point to invest time and hardwork to get the best of my project under the guidance of my supervisor.
Main Aim of the Project  
To discuss technologies used in cellular communication industry.
Project Objectives  
 To show the development in the communication industry.To state techniques used in the cellular industry.To show how, where, when communications occur and their proceedings.

To show how the network is established and working procedures in detail.

Project Plan  
To initiate the communication basics—1st  stageTo research the technologies that were previously used and why it was developed to the present. 2nd stageHow the development occurred, the necessity for the improvement- 3rd stage

Try to meet individual agencies related to the project and take opinions and suggestions on the future of this technology—4th stage

Prepare the required paper work for the stages above—5th stage.

Take details of the references and get all together for the submission date—final stage. 

Internet explorer, books, journals etc.

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