Aims and Objectives

Following are the aims and objectives of this research

Aim: To develop a desktop application for Chess Game that can be played between human player and computer using the tools related to artificial intelligence techniques.


Following are the research objectives

  • To critically review the computer games and the usage range of these games
  • To identify the role of AI in developing a chess game and different algorithms used across to develop a desktop chess game
  • To develop a single user desktop chess game that can be used to play against the computer
  • To evaluate the performance of the AI algorithm in terms of their moves 


  • A Desktop game for Chess board that can be played against human and computer.
  • The application offers some major features like undo and redo functions, and also has an option for loading and saving the game and also the application will be a user friendly application that will have a good GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • The application that’s developed will meet all the requirements and the validation of moves for the chess board. 

Research question(s):

  • How can Artificial Intelligence improve the challenge and entertainment of the chess game?
  • Which artificial tools would be more suited?

 Download MS Dissertation Project on A Development of Computerized Chess Game Board Source Code.