Movie Character Recognition From Video And Images Project

Live tracking of characters from movies is important for automating the process of classification for user-friendly information management systems like online platforms where characters in a movie can be seen before watching the movie. At present manual method is used which can be automated using this movie character classification method. The objective of this work is to collect a dataset of any movie characters and train a model which captures the facial features of all characters and the model is saved for prediction. 

For testing purposes, a real-time live video can be used to track characters. This application also works for images where users can give input as images of trained movie characters and get results with character names on the image as output. In this project for training dataset KDTree, the algorithm is used which takes images from a given folder and trains each image and saves the model into a dump file in the system. In the second stage using this trained model input image or input video is predicted with the model and the result is shown as a video or image.

Problem statement:

Classification of characters for each movie manually is a time taking process and the database should be managed.


The objective of this project is to develop an automatic classification of characters after training from the dataset. If the one-time model is created it can be used for prediction at any time from images or video

Existing system:

In the existing system movie characters are managed in the database and which are used for displaying when required in this process database is the important to the time taken for processing is more.


  • The time taken for processing is more and the database should be managed and integrated with the required system whenever required.
  • This method includes the manual process of data collection and updating and deleting data. 

Proposed system:

In the proposed system initially, a dataset of respected move characters is collected and each dataset consists of 50 images. These images are trained using the KDDTree algorithm using the image processing technique and the model is saved in the system this model can be used for the automatic prediction of characters from live video or images.


  • The time taken for prediction and processing is less and prediction is done automatically using a trained model.
  • A trained model can be used to track live video and automates the process of detecting characters and displays on screens.


 Operating system:           Windows XP/7/10

  • Coding Language:  Python
  • Development Kit: Anaconda
  • Library:   TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV
  • Dataset:  Any movie dataset

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