Modeling Automated Containment Of Worms Project Source Code

Modeling and automated containment of worms project is a 2008 CSE project which is implemented in java platform. Main idea of this project is to deal with worms like code red, Nimda and slammer by developing branching process model. This model effectively deals with uniform scanning worms and extending to preference scanning worms. This application is further improved to automatic worm scanner which will detect different types of worms at starting stage and restrict at low level. Worms are also called as self propagation codes which had became one of the biggest issues in internet. There are many researches going on to solve this problem. This project can help be part of that research. Here you can download entire project source code, project report and paper presentation with reference documents. download modeling automated containment of worms project base paper pdf, Project source code in java, Project report and ppt.

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