MBA Literature Review on Outsourcing’s Dark Shadow Looms on Indian Society

In this editorial, the writer describes regarding the movements which are produced by the outsourcing as well as the changes which probably carries to the culture and the lifestyle. The writer describes regarding the easier steps that causes great impact in the outsourcing which it is already has in many industries.

The writer also describes regarding the India’s middle class people role in the outsourcing industry. Because of the outsourcing, many tiny cities are getting good wages, pinpoints the writer. In order to manage the career, there are various opportunities that can be used, is explained by the writer.

The writer then describes about various factors which builds the youngsters expectations.  The writer further describes regarding the youngster’s lifestyle and how it can help them in earning through outsourcing.  The writer describes about the parents feelings plus the generation gap which needs to be maintained in accordance to be victorious in the field of outsourcing.

The writer then describes about the Indian society change as well as the claims which is among the Indian society youths. The writer clears up the number of divorces which are happening in the Indian society. All of the above, the writer had given the perfect picture regarding the various methods of the outsourcing plus its necessity in the Indian society. But, the writer had not meliorated all his explanation with examples which is considered a fault in the editorial.

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