Machine Understanding of Indian Spoken Languages ECE Project

Language Identification is the method to recognize the language to be spoken from the example of speech through an unknown person. Many old works under this area depends on the reality that phoneme series possess diverse development probabilities under diverse languages and complete methods modeled had achieved this truth.

 The identification method includes two sub-systems. First method transfers speech into a few intermediate methods which is known as phoneme series and it is utilized to design the language through their probabilistic studies under the next sub-system.

Many essential applications abide for language ID. The language ID method can be utilized like the ‘front-end’ method to telephone-based industry and connecting the caller to suitable expert operator under the language of the caller. Presently, the manual method or IVRS based method abides and yet suffers from two major issues including expense and accuracy. This is greatly costly to use the call connectors for AT&T and can appropriately connect Reliance Infocomm or 140 languages.

Other application contains usage of methods under war times to connect with local people. This project contains its usage under modeling Content Verification System (CVS) that is utilized to identify the speech information saved for diverse languages. The language ID method is important for multilingual speech identification method.


Under this Machine Understanding of Indian Spoken Languages project, the sub-systems are aimed. First thing is a few of the algorithms are mentioned to model the language designs. Then it is tried to model the algorithm to get the phoneme series in the method of many abstract classes referred through statistical schemes such as Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM).

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