Long Flashover Arrester Seminar Topic and Report

Introduction to Long Flashover Arrester Seminar Topic:

Long flashover arrester is a voltage control device which controls the voltage fluctuations in power lines when lightening occurs. This device is connected in the power lines poles so as to protect the power lines from the electric discharges occurred during lightening. In this paper we will discuss the causes of lightening and the working model of long flashover arrester.

Working model of Long flashover arrester:

Electric discharge occurs due to lighting and there are two possibilities for occurrence of lighting. In direct stroke the electric discharge occurs directly from the cloud to the overhead line. Due to presence of charged cloud electro statistically induced charges occur in indirect stroke. The long flash over arrester works on the principle of power arc flow. The long flashover arrester consists of two cables made of semiconductor material and they are arrested in such a way so as to form three flashover modules. To protect the power line from lightening the flashover is mounted and connected parallel to the insulator on the pole.

Applications and future scope:

This cost effective device for protecting the power lines from high voltages, the resistors are capable of arresting the voltage fluctuations in all the three phase lines. These voltage arrester can also be used in lager industrial equipment where voltage fluctuations occur frequently. If there are more number of voltage lines we can increase the flash over modules as per the requirement and it can operate at higher voltages.

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