Logistics Supply Management System Java Project with Source Code

  • Project Title: Logistics Supply Management System Java Project with Source Code

Software Requirements:  Weblogic 7.0, POP3, SMTP, Java, J2SE1.3, J2EE.

Project Description:  The main aim and objective of implementing Logistics Supply Management System J2EE based final year M tech Project is to developed a desktop based application in warehouse management in corporate companies.

The advantage of this system is to move the products developed by the company to the warehouse supply management system.

First, we have to create categories for different products and move all those to proper categories, these categories come under single warehouse and it can be easily accessible while selling products to the customer.

The features included in this M Tech system is an online based system, user-friendly application, provide more security, less cost, takes less time to implement, reduce the manual efforts in an organization.

This project was well developed with Java servlets, java server pages, and advanced Java programming language under JDBC, ODBC connectivity.

Logistics Supply Management System  Java Project Source code, Documentation, Abstract, Paper Presentation ppt, Database File, Screen Shots.

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