Localization of National Stock Exchange End of Day

–  The test application will check whether the data is stored in the required format or not. It can able to overcome the problems of fail over situations and recover it automatically.

–  The advantages of this project are it reduces the chance of doing mistakes, manual work, and Time consuming and tedious task.     

Developer responsible for:

  • Find out the Structural Classes and Data Manipulation classes from sequence diagrams.
  • Identifying actors and use cases.
  • Participated in document reviews and requirement gathering reviews.
  • Navigation in the site.
  • Architecture of the site.
  • Participated system study document and SRS document.
  • Design of database tables for the product ranges, rates, handling routes.
  • Apply Brainstorming techniques for capturing the requirements.

The development of the Localization of National Stock Exchange End of Day system using Tomcat Enterprise Server on Intel Pentium IV , Windows NT, Java 1.6, JDBC,  Java Server Pages, Servlets, HTML, DHTML, Java Script, XML, Oracle 10g.

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