LIC Agent Management System VB Project

The project training in a student’s life is like a live experience in the industry. So it is very essential part of the educational qualification. Bachelor of Computer Application is the course offering me a unique change to find the place of utilizing computer in meaningful way. It provides me all the theoretical aspects with knowledge.
The project training in the 5 th semester of the course gives me the exposure to the real world.

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The aim of project training, by understanding a live project, is to have practical experience of the real world. It also clears the picture of practical field to prompt the students to develop their qualities talents, etc. so that I can expand our view about the implications of the theoretical knowledge in the practical field. We had the opportunity for the same at various LIC Agents. The period of the trainings would be around one and half month.

Software & Hardware Requirements:

  • Minimum 64 mb RAM
  • CD ROM drive
  • Windows 98 & onwards
  • Visual basic 6.0
  • Oracle plus 8.0
  • Pentium-III processor 550 MHZ or above
  • Minimum 2 GB Hard disk
  • Mouse, Keyboard
  • Color Printe

It took us great to develop this software in visual basic as Front end and Oracle 8.0 Back end Interface. This Software is duly tested on different environment of hardware and software. The data Security of this Software is great as the data stored in various tables with unreadable characters.

This Software accepts various data such as LIC Client information, Plan information, Personal detail of Client and his or her relatives with Physical details of client also, etc. It also accepts data such as various plans along with its various parameters such as minimum and maximum amount with term and an amount of the insurance. Printing Personal detail Report will display Policy date to maturity date.

This package has been able to successfully incorporate the entire requirement as per the requirement of LIC client agent system. Appropriate care has been taken during database design maintain database integrity and to avoid redundancy of data. Validation is done instantaneously to avoid data redundancy of data. The policy provided a safe future, saving etc. Designing and developing this DBMS-project was an interesting experience. It really helped me to understand the database concepts, which are of great importance these days.

The addition, deletion and modification of various details for various forms like plan guide, personal detail, relative details, new policy are very a user friendly, simple and easy.

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