Leave Management System Project Documentation and Asp.Net Source Code For Free

Leave management system project Description:

Leave management system project is a intranet based application which can be accessed all over the organization. This application is automated software application for handling leaves related information of employees and approval of leaves, payment cancelations..etc are part of this system. Each employee is provided with unique userid and password for log in to system and send request for leave. Project leader of higher outhorites will look after the proposal and they man accept, reject or keep it in pending. Before approving leave different departments people will look after the request through this system and take decesions. This method will improve the process of leave management inside organization by saving time and resources.

Here we provide leave management system activity class diagrams, screen shots, DFD, ER diagrams, paper presentations, sql restore data…etc

download leave management system project source code in asp.net for free, project documentation(report,abstract) with ppt.

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