Latest CSE Seminar Topic and Report on A Loosely Coupled Federation of Distributed Management Services

In this paper we will describe the management services from the viewpoint of architecture. This architecture usually consists of small components and each of them perform specialized tasks. Altogether they for automated and dynamic as well as an integrated system of management. These are plug and play components that in order to establish communication links use Jini.

These components further form transient federations of management among themselves. Our architecture is built on the basis of a configuration service that provides configuration for the resource. Common management scenario numbers can be easily identified and can also demonstrate to showcase how they are supported with the help of the system.

Here we described our architecture as a small management service that shows how it supported the management scenarios on the network. It also shows its comparison to other frameworks and management architectures. On the other hand there is a downside in our architectural introduction.

This management service can be easily handled by anyone who can use a computer and is connected to the system of network. Under several circumstances this system also makes a way for the mismanagement as well. By intruding a fake service this network management process can be effectively and easily disabled. Like for example  the incorrect data supplied by a configuration service. The use of authentication can solve this problem. There are many components of management that do not prefer to keep accounts for  individual administrators.

It is enough to prove the administrator’s right positions. This system is adequately safe for almost all the purposes and thus it require every component to recognize itself. Scalability is another challenge for our architecture. The interaction among the components and service location is almost lost and with the passage of time this is becoming a risk. Jini services management can easily investigate the mentioned problems. 

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