Interview Management System

 Interview Management System- IMS


  1. Existing System
  2. Proposed system
  3. Scope
  4. Features of IMS
  5. How does the IMS work?
  6. Reports and Analysis
  7. Functional Requirements 

Existing System:

In existing system whenever the company is conducting interviews, process involves that taking the jobseeker details, conducting written test, correcting or evaluating the written test papers etc. This entire process is done manually. So, the disadvantages of this process are:

  1. It takes more manpower
  2. It takes much time
  3. Some time the results may be wrong in this approach

Proposed System:

In proposed system, we have to computerize our process where each and everything is done systematically and computerized.

The Interview Management module assists in capturing all-relevant information about the jobseekers which is automatically captured in a database, and a professional quality temporary disposable/photo Jobseeker badge is printed. No need to encode regular Jobseekers again.

Features of IMS:

  1. Secured
  2. Easy to use
  3. Reliable & accurate
  4. No need of examiner

How does the Interview Management System work?

Step 1: Jobseeker Data Entry; in this step, all required information will be captured along with his personal and professional details

Step 2: Take a digital photo of the Jobseeker

Step 3: Take digital fingerprint of the Jobseeker

Step 4: Take digital signature of the Jobseeker

Step 5: Print a Temporary Disposable Badge with Jobseeker’s photo and relevant visit information

Step 6: Jobseeker has to login to the site and enter the username and password to write the online test

Step 7: Online examination questions can be categorized according to the technology.He/she has to select his/her technology and then click on start exam to start exam A serial number is provided with questions from different topics

Step 8: After completion of test time automatically test will get closed. And marks will be displayed to him/her.

Step 9: Logout

Reports and Analysis:

               The IMS simplifies full reporting and auditing of Job Seeker activities and stores your reports.

Functional Requirements:The H/W Requirements:

  • Desktop PC & Monitor
  • Digital Camera
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Digital Signature Pad
  • Printer

S/w Requirement:·

  • .NET Framework
  • VisualStudio tool
  • SQL Server 2005

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