Increment 1 Conversion Mainframe Project

  1. Project Name :  Increment 1 Conversion Mainframe Project
  2. Role              : Developer
  3. Tools/Skills     : JCL, DB2, COBOL, IMS, CICS, VSAM, File Manager, Quality Center, Changeman, Intertest, Revolve, Mainframe Express 3.0 (Enterprise Edition)   And Micro Focus Net Express 5.0
Developer Responsibilities:
  • Identifying the impacted components (source code, JCL, Copybooks, Proc) as a part of the changes.
  • Creation of new project on the Netexpress platform with all the impacted components and other dependencies (Files, copybooks etc) and then sharing with the team.
  • Creation of Test plans.
  • Unit testing of Batch and Online programs on both Mainframe (Base version having IMS calls) and NetExpress (Modified version having db2 calls) platforms.
  • Dubbing of the code.
  • Raising defects in Quality Center.
  • Performing the Reviews of the test plans.

Project Scope:

         The project is a migration project for Migrating the current application from Mainframe to Micro Focus Enterprise Server. The Increment 1 Conversion involves the conversion of DB2 calls to SQl calls. The module s having the db2 calls were the base modules which reside on the mainframe system while the modules having the SQL calls were the modified modules which reside on the new platform. The final output of the converted modules should be exactly similar to the base modules.

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