How outsourcing can allow HR professional to concentrate more strategic functions?

Outsourcing key HR activities will provide an option to the HR professionals to concentrate more the strategic functions of the organization and in this context the required research is done and the required analysis is presented in this section. As per the opinion of the HR managers interviewed it is clear that all the HR professionals can get ample time to develop the new strategies at their bank as they have already outsourced the HR activities to the vendor and in this context they can pay more attention towards the strategic functions and thus the overall performance of the organization is also improved and this analysis is similar to the opinion of Bach.

In general there are many HR activities that were outsourced and among them the key functions are personal administration, payroll management  employee counseling and assistance, training and management of employees and employee relocation. If these functions are outsourced almost 80% of the HR professionals job is reduced and thus they can focus more on the key strategic functions of the bank and thus they can introduce new HR strategies and functions across the organization to enhance the employee turnover and also achieve the organizational objectives and this analysis is similar to the opinion of Stovel.

New roles to the HR professionals can be engaged by the organization if they are free enough and also the management can make them to work on developing the new business plans and estimate the resource requirements against the human capital and thus the core risk of the organization is reduced and more turnover is expected and this analysis is similar to the research done by Imade. Market strategies are rapidly changing and the bank need to face lot of core competition and in this context the management need more HR professionals to concentrate on the core business activities as well and develop the human capital management plan and if they are busy with the core and noncore HR activities it is not at all possible. In this context the HR outsourcing will help the HR professionals to focus more on the core business activities as well and thus the overall organizational business is improved against the performance and can gain more competitive advantage in this context and this analysis is as per the findings of .

In general the HR professionals are always with the employee issues related to taxes, payroll, salary hikes, relocation and work flexibility and in this context a lot of time and mind power is consumed and they can’t be involved in the core organizational and business activities and thus if these activities are outsourced to the right HR outsourcing vendor all the risks associated with the employee issues are reduced. Once these risks are reduced now the HR professionals can be involved in the core strategic functions of the organizations and they are provided ample freedom to concentrate on the core business and administration issues and thus the overall output and turnover of the organization is improved and this analysis is similar to the opinion of Righeimer. 

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