File Cutter and Joiner Project computer science final year students who are looking for a zip, rar type of java project then File Cutter and Joiner project can provide some knowledge. The main aim for developing this project to solve problem for transferring large files by splitting them in to specified sizes and combining spitted files in to single file without losing any data. File-Cutter-and-Joiner-Project.

In our daily life we come across situation where transferring large files will become a problem like sending large files through mail, writing data in to cd or storing data on to pen drive. This software file splitter will solve this problem by breaking large file in to different pieces with in a user specified size. We usually face problem in rearranging spited files in to single file, in this case mainly we lose data but this application can rearrange splitted files in to single file without losing any data. 

Now days we can see this type of applications are integrated in to mail like yahoo…Etc. By looking at this we can understand how useful this software can be in real life.

File Cutter and Joiner software provides three options for splitting large files.


1. Split to 1.4MB for floppy.

2. Split to fit in cd 650MB.

3. Split according to the user request. 

In order to provide security for the files this software includes password protection option. Using this option user can add password to each splitted file and reenter the same password to open the file. 

Using this software is very easy it takes very less space 20MB and it is stand alone application. 

File Cutter and Joiner Consist of the Following Modules



Custom Splitter


For more information on this project you can download project report from this site for a free of cost. 

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