Enhancing the Available Transfer Capability from Source

The main aim of Enhancing The Available Transfer Capability From Source project is to enhance the Available Transfer Capability (ATC) from Generating/Source area to Sink area in a De-regulated environment system location and control parameter of FACTs Devices such as TCSC or SVC on IEEE 14-bus system and IEEE 24 reliability test system.

Real-code Genetic Algorithm is used to determine location and control parameter of TCSC or SVC. ATC is dependent.Hence, maximum use of existing transmission assets will be more profitable for Transmission System Operators (TSO) and customers will receive better services with reduced prices.

Reliability Test System considering without and with line outage cases, and the results are checked. The new system methodology is applied to find best place and control parameter of TCSC/SVC.

download  Project on  Enhancing The Available Transfer Capability From Source project .

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  1. I am looking for Matlab simulation of maxium power point tracking of solat panles.

    Please contact if you can help.

  2. I need matlab code for enhancing the available transfer capability using real code genetic algorithm. please help

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