Electronic Employment Management System

Abstract: The project entitled “Electronic Employee Management System” fully describes about the process of employment office schemes and provides the strong connection between job seekers and job providers. In this portal the job seeker has to register their details into the employment office database. Once they register the identities the system automatically post the complete details like Renewal time, validity and the cost if any required to the registered candidate.

Electronic Employment Management System Architecture

The candidate can view the current opportunity through the job portal of the respective candidate. The system provides complete opportunity to the job providers to upload the job details immediately into the site; many candidates/job seekers get benefits from this system. This system provides one more add-on like if the date is expired to renew then the system automatically alert the candidate by sending mail to them whenever the site gets logged in. For all the entire system handles the process of employment office and provides the bridge between job seekers and the job providers.


  2. Employee REGISTRAION
  3. VERIFYING employee detail
  4. Experience renewal


The authentication module that allows the user provides to the identity of their own into the system, and gets full access rights to handle the website. Basically this website starts with the authentication port once the user properly registered in this website after that making the process. The employee management system provides the secure authentication and authentication process. The employee can login into the system with correct username and password and get all benefits of the site.


The registration process allows the user to enter the proper identity into the system. The identities are nothing but it is the basic information about the respective individual. The information like name mail id address username and password, which in be store to the server. The employee management system is to provide the registration process. In employee side the registration process is based on the personal detail like as name, Mail Id, address etc.

VERIFYING employee detail

This module is used to view the working employee details and relieve employee details. It is used to calculate the overall manpower of company, and calculate the overall employee salary details. And this module allows to verifying the present employee details like name, employee designation, and address. 

Experience renewal

Experience renewal module allows to renewal the employee experience. This module helps to improving the employee salary based on their qualification and their experience. The company gives the promotion for employees based on their experience. This renewal portal is used to update each and every employee experience up to date.

Electronic Employment Management System Registration Table





Electronic Employment Management System DFD



Hardware Requirements: 

  • System                            :   Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.
  • Hard Disk                      :   40 GB.
  • Ram                                 :   512 Mb. 

Software Requirements:

  • Operating system           :    Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit)
  • Coding Language           :   ASP.Net
  • Data Base                         :   Ms-Access

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