ECE Project Topic on Energy Efficient Wavelet Transform Algorithm

Introduction to Energy Efficient Wavelet Transform Algorithm Project:


To build a technique which would enable us transmission of message that may be in the form of audio, pictures and video using mobile applications. The two footprints are critical in this system namely energy and bandwidth. In order to maintain quality of pictures we follow energy efficient wavelet transform algorithm (EEWITA). 

Features of wireless data services 

This includes different areas of communication provisioned under mobile communication.

With the scope for improvement in transmitting the signals, one of our prime concernswould be to reduce the data that is transmitted over the wireless channel. 

Image compression 

These techniques involving algorithms reduce computation and communication energy with minimal loss. The cumulative analysis of parameters has resulted in developing adaptive image codec. 

Wavelet image compression 

The image goes through transformation, quantization and encoding. The algorithms which are used for image compression are also dependent on energy consumption and robustness. 

The transform uses low pass and high pass sub band where the former represents down sampled version and the latter is residual version. The energy consumption is modeled by involving number of operations and is denoted as computational load. The data access load is more than computational load.This transform is used to reduce computational energy. The basic principle used in this transform in H* elimination. An effective analysis can be drawn between AWIC and H*. 

Wavelet image compression parameters 

The parameters used here are wavelet transform level and quantization level. 

Adaptive image communication 

Here we obtain a relation between signal to noise ratio and compression ratio primarily and define the appliance constraints later obtaining a representation. 


The comparative analysis of system describe that this technique is used to reduce the energy consumption and hence transmit data in the form of bits. 


This technique enables transmission of large data in secured form.

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