E Cash Payment & Management System

  • Project Name: E-Cash Payment & Management System
  • Environment              : Java, JSP, HTML

Project Description:

The E Cash Payment & Management system is a Web-based application developed using Java Servlets and Java Server Pages.

The eCash System Project is a collector system for cash transactions to be entered manually.

The objective of this eCash system final year project is to provide a web online tool for Sales Accounting, to enable Sales Accounting to manually enter, collect and process cash bank transactions, to provide an online tool to enter data required for remittance advice, to validate data entered by users.

The user can enter the bank transfer details, payments, and remittance advice through the bank transfer module. The user can look up the journal vouchers in summary and detail level in the GL Report section.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • As a Test Engineer involved in Test Case Design and Execution.
  • Involved in Functionality Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing and System. Testing.
  • Defect Tracking & Reporting.
  • Interacting with the Project Team on Requirements and Functionality aspects.

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This E Cash Payment & Management System developed by using the Software & Hardware technologies.

This E Cash Payment & Management System comes under CSE Mini Projects, CSE Projects with Source Code, Java Based Projects Categories.