Distributed Library Management System DFD Diagrams and Abstract

Introduction to Distributed Library Management System Project:

In our daily life book is very necessary substance because without book we can’t express our knowledge. Books are used for getting knowledge.

For that every colleges and schools have a central library where many books are stored. Students can handle these books as per their requirement.

So every colleges and schools need a system where they can store the data. Our project is based on that. It is called Distributed Library Management System.

By which the school authority can handle all the information about any book means the name of the book, author of the book, price etc.etc… actually it is software which can save every data.

It is called distributed just because it is connected with the central server.

For that a huge amount of data can save here. Every user can access it. Five types of users are there.

They are administrator, Staff, Student, Teacher and User. Administrator has all kind of permission to access it. But other user can’t.

They have to permit from the administrator. There is a lot of advantage. This is connected with a huge central server for that all information about students, issuing books date, returning date all are saved. 

Scope and application of this proposed system

  1. It can store all kind of information about student, teachers.
  2. It can also store all kind of information about books.
  3. By using this software you can store issuing & returning date of the book.
  4. It is very easy to use and it can handle by everyone without facing any kind of problem.
  5. This software is very easy to use and it gives full accuracy as well as speed.
  6. You can handle all previous data which are stored in this software.
  7. Though it is a centralized server. So you can handle information from anywhere.

Download  Distributed Library Management System DFD Diagrams and Abstract.

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