Introduction to Development Of A Lost Articles And Letters Reconciliation System Project:

Development of lost articles and letters reconciliation system project is developed in java platform using MS-SQL server and oracle database. Main aim of this project is to develop a software application for postal department for reducing time of finding lost articles and resend it to users based on requests. In existing system manual method is used where initially each and every letter is checked by machine to find out address specified on the letter and transfer but few machine can’t understand few letters because of bad writing these letters are moved to manual department where each letter is check manually but in this case also there are few letters which are kept aside. In this cases after few days when user requests for letters postal department will take months to send back which is time taking process. In order to solve this problem we develop a software application which can provide solution in 10 days.

Users are provided with front end graphical user interface through which user can update different information related to receive post cards and lost post cards.  Users can update lost letter details, complaint status, lost letter type …etc. All these details are updated to database for further use. Initially uses need to log in to application with unique user name and password which can be modified from admin panel provided to user.

Developing this application will help students to gain knowledge on analysis, design, implementation, testing and graphical user interface.

This application consists of seven modules user and group master module, lost article master module, lost letter master module, complaint handling, complaint reconciliation, print module and help module.

Students can find more related projects with project documentation, seminar topics and source code for freed download.

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