CSE Seminar Topic on Hacking

CSE-Seminar-Topic-on-Hacking.Hacking is one of the big concerns in internet which is increasing from day to day so there is need to know more about hacking on web, this cse final year seminar topic will provide brief information on hacking and how it is affecting security issues on web. As we know internet is like other media to communicate information which include lot of illegal work is going on. Based on just few incidents we can’t say internet is not a safe place.  Comparing past few years internet market has grown in a fast pace but the usage is not in correct way there are lot of pornography, fraud sites with illegal software, music, movies downloads and bank account hackings are becoming regular now a days.

All these activities are carried out by hackers who are computer enthusiasts, programmers. These hackers are creating new way of job opportunities for companies like Google, Yahoo …etc.  Many of these hackers are website owners. Hackers are divided into different  categories.

White -Hat Hackers

In this type of hacking hackers are generally well learned with deep knowledge on computer subjects. These hackers can find out loops in software’s, websites …etc. These hackers are not involved in any frauds but they will become security consultants to help top companies for hacking free software’s.

Black-Hat Hackers

In this type of hacking hackers who take their own path on their interest like hacking website username, passwords hacking bank accounts, credit cards information. These type of hackers are dangerous, basically they take it as a passion.

download Seminar Report and paper presentation  on Hacking. 

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