CSE Latest Seminar Topic on Computer Security Strength and Risk

Attacking a software is not so difficult task as that of obtaining vulnerability to exploitation. The strength of security of the system is almost equal to the market price of any such vulnerability. In this document I  will show the secure strength measurement with the help of market means. At the same time I will also focus on how to measure these strengths and how can it be applied to design models that shows the security risk that is facing a system as well as how to unleash the market powers to enhance the strength through the development of the software process.

Overall, I will provide the blocks of building that are highly required for a quantitative approach to enhance the strength of security and reducing the risk. The risk and quantifying the strength of the security importance keeps on growing as individuals, governments and businesses are constantly relying on various softwares. The software security deployed till date has undergone huge suffering because these systems are designed and delivered without any security measures thus making it impossible for the users to differentiate between the stringer products from the weaker ones.

Even if have the knowledge about how to make the strength of security of the system more stronger but the lack of proper security risk models will blur our capability to shoe the value that can be gained by enhancing the power of these systems. Without the introduction of the tools in this dissertation those who are given the responsibility of taking decisions related to security have to rely on the expert advice forcefully along will depend on  anecdotal evidence and unproven heuristics.

The software on which we relied is designed for the systems of informations in a very precarious condition. This software makes the work easier and is therefore highly preferred.

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