Containment Tracking System

 Project Title: Containment Tracking System

Team Size: 3

Operating System: Windows XP

Technologies used: JAVA, JavaScript, Oracle.

Software used: Tomcat 5.0.14, jdk 1.5.0, Oracle 9i.

Front-end: Java, JSP, and JavaScript

Back-end: Oracle.

Project Description:     

                     Containment Tracking System gives the facility to define the tasks in the organization and also allows the managers to track the bugs done by the employees for a particular task. After development of the projects in a software company, there is a possibility of arising many bugs while it is under execution. So we are giving priority to raised bugs in their Solution. So by developing “Containment Tracking  System” we can track details of all bugs based on their Priority & we can get reports on demand regarding solution of these bugs. This tool can help manager for bug estimation per project or application. This tool helps employees to document their bugs and analyze.

                          This application provides a Servlets, JSP, Oracle, HTML and front end validation is implementing by JavaScript.

Roles & Responsibility:

  • Implementing Presentation logic (JSP) as per the requirement based on the project documents.
  • Coding implementation of JDBC for Data storage and Retrieval
  • Involved in designing and developing JSP pages as per business requirements.

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