Consumer Attitude towards Online Retailing in Hyderabad


  • To Study the Consumer attitude towards online retailing in Hyderabad.
  •  To identify opportunities and the interest of young urban Consumers towards online retailing transactions for their daily needs.
  • To identify the potential challenges faced by online retailers in Hyderabad.
  • To develop an effective and efficient strategy for addressing the problems of Online retailing. 


  1. To study the consumer preference towards e-retailing in Hyderabad
  2. To know the factors that influence young urban Consumers to do e-retailing
  3. To find out the problems faced by young consumers in purchasing online retail products.
  4. To come out with suitable solutions for making e-retailing an effective tool for buyers


At present, there is a lot of demand for online purchasing. The present study will focus on the purchasing behavior towards e-retailing and finding out suitable solutions to make purchasing more interesting and was a torch bearer for future researchers and e-retailing companies can benefit from the such survey. The scope of the study is limited to the young urban Consumers who do a lot of e-retailing and are restricted to Hyderabad city only by surveying 100 respondents. 


The present study was undertaken with the objective of studying the buying behavior of customers online and determining the factors influencing their buying behavior. The study aims to find out the significance of e-retailing in the current scenario and the resulting change in purchase behavior. It also brings out the major factors that make customers prefer e-retailing to traditional shopping.

The study is done in Hyderabad. The first-hand information required for the study was collected through the questionnaires which were distributed to the respondents and taken back. The entire study is based on the hypothesis that functional factors, psychological factors, and content factors have a significant relationship with the buying behavior of online customers. Charts and tables were used to analyze the data given by respondents and also to test the hypothesis.

From the study, it is found that the above-mentioned factors are significantly associated with online buying behavior. It was also found that the factors like ordering the product, paying off it online and the post-purchase services have much influence on buying behavior. Apart from these factors, the product features and the promotional offers influence the consumers a lot.

It is suggested to online sellers increase the accessibility of the products and boosts the confidence of the customers in making online transactions. Consumers are still afraid of transaction problems and the misuse of their personal details. Online sellers should put more concentration on these factors in order to increase customer traffic. Only then, they can be able to grow and compete effectively.

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