Computer Science Final Year Seminar on Staganography with Report

Introduction to Staganography Seminar Topic:

Cryptography is the process of transferring secret codes through a insecure channel and the secret codes are decoded at the receiver by using some decoder keys. By using this method we can transmit the secret message over the communication channel by embedded in the image or the video and audio files or in web pages. In this paper we will see how the secret message is encrypted in the method for decrypting the message ate the receiver.

Brief on cryptography:

In cryptography we use stenography method for transmitting secret messages over the communication channel. To encrypt the message into the carrier audio watermarking and finger printing methods are used. The sender embeds the hidden message into a graphic file and transmits to the receiver. The sender has to send the stegokey secretly along with the graphic file or he shout tell the decrypting method for reading the hidden message.

The receiver can extract the received message if there is stegokey. To make the encrypting of the message on the carrier in a effective manner data chunking method is used. To recombine the entire chunk files the file recombination method is used at the receiver. The stenography process is implemented in images, audio files and text messages. There are several methods to find the stenographic messages sent in the carrier files.

Certain stegokey algorithms are followed for decrypting the message in the carrier. We can even use other stenographic methods like null clipper method in which we encrypt the secret code in the first letter or last letter or in the sequence of each word. We can also use this method for hiding messages in web pages.


Thus we can conclude that the stenography message actives are performed by illegal organizations. There are several color coding techniques available for decrypting the messages sent in the carrier files. Cryptography is used by intelligence organizations for making communication among them.

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