Commodity Intelligence System Final Year ASP.Net Project with Source Code

The main aim of developing this Commodity Intelligence System is to provide automate tool for stacks and share related companies, agents and customers.This Project mostly useful for MBA Students and Commodity Intelligence System was developed with and SQL. Here we are providing the below steps to how to execute the project without any errors.

 How to Run Commodity Intelligence System

1) G oto the SQL Server and create Database name and tables in SQL server, database SQL file can be available at Table script folder where find the Table script file.

2) Change and update data base connection name in web.config file

2) Set as start up page in the project Home.aspx

3) For better understanding the project u can view Table Data word document
in this folder for sample data to enter in to tables thru screens.

4) to add admin details insert one record after creating the data base.

insert into login_form values(‘future’,’Point’,’Point’,’Administrator’,’Yes’)

If you get any Problem With Crystal Reports you Have to change the Sever name in Crystal reports.

1)open the crystal report page
2)goto database fields.
3)Right click Verify database.
4)select the server name & Database name where u stored the database.

Download Commodity Intelligence System Final Year ASP.Net Project with Source Code, Documentation, Project Report, Abstract, Paper Presentation and Seminar Topic.

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