College Management System Project In Java with Source Code

College management system project is implemented in java platform. Main aim of this project is to develop a software application for colleges for managing student’s attendance information, lectures log in details, student’s internal and external marks managing system.

Students and lecturers can use this system from any were to know about details on marks and attendance and communicate with respectable members for doubts.

Latest information on marks and college information are updated by administrator which will be available for students and lecturers.

This C.M.S system will be useful for every engineering students. In order to  use this  application students need to register with application to get unique user name and password.

This system is a intranet based application. Students can even upload and download documents and reports from this system.

Front end part is developed using HTML and java script programming languages and business logic is implemented at middle layer. These two layers will communicate with database for retrieving and updating data to database.

In order to implementing this application server must have oracle 10g database, web server tomcat5.5 with java runtime environment as development environment.

In existing system there are no specific software applications for engineering college students to organize data in a single application and users need to visit lecturers and administration block to know about fees, attendance and marks details which is a time taking process. In order to overcome this process we develop a software application which works on intranet.

Computer science students can refer to college administration project in Asp.Net platform.

Download college management system project in java with source code.

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