Browser Project in Java

Offline Browser Project in Java: A Fuzzy-Based Approach in Clustering Data Sources And Ontology Metadata can be useful to lot many people. Some of   them include

Browser Project

Browser Project Functional Requirements: 

  1. It process the requests of the user by taking an URL address as input from the user and searches the availability of that URL and if it is present then downloads it and its hyperlinks and so on. And in this process the system maintains some useful information for processing requests. 
  1. As mentioned in the above step. The system (i.e. client system) present at the background fetches the web page requested by the user. 
  1. The user given information includes a Http:URL , a restrict domain, level (system defined, user selectable), a file format to be downloaded. This information is parsed by the parsers. 
  1. An user given URL may contain more than one number of hyperlinks for other URLs. After downloading the first page the URLs contained in that page are arranged in a queue for them to be downloaded. 
  1. Then the system fetches the URL present in the queue one by one in order to download the total user requested website. 
  1.  As long as an URL is present in the internet then those links to that URL are called as absolute links after downloading they are website to a secondary memory they are not at all absolute and now becomes as relative links. Therefore, the system takes the responsibility of converting these absolute links to relative links. 
  1. The queue process explained in step5 also lets us to save the files in the secondary memory in the same hierarchy as the web site appears in net. 
  1. the server is responsible for carrying out the request of the user. 
  1. In our system, the server acts as an interface and client part for processing the requests. 
  1. We use java for developing this project because of that we can run this under any operating system. 
  1. The developed system will allow the user to browse offline with a feel and impression that he is connected online. 
  1. The system to be delivered must have a feature for maintaining effective page management scheme for the saved web pages.
Youtube video link to view design details

Download Browser Project in Java Source code, project report, ppt, project manual, abstract, documentation.

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  1. Your project: Offline browser project in Java.

    Where is the Batch file which is mentioned in your project having name “Test.bat”, because of this the project is not running.
    Download button not working.
    kindly help!!!

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