Nowadays, internet is playing vital role in the world through which the users can get good fetching because it is a low cost product which is unwired with huge bandwidth facility. The optimal technology can be connected between two different rooms with technical architecture of LED and Photo Diode. Broadband is happened to be buzz word nowadays because it is the latest technology through which the internet can be connected and browsed with a speed of 256 kbps per every second. Basically some of the existing internets can be connected by dialling through phone which does not support the speed same as broadband. Broadband is a user friendly access which does not need any telephone and huge data packets. When compared with normal internet connection, broadband is having many added advantages through which users can access the internet applications such as search engines, files downloads, watching movies, songs, audio and video chats and search engine optimizations in a fastest way.

LAN- Local Area Networks

 The LAN’s so called local area networks are been fixed and accessed only within the single specific location that allows the users to use and share the resources such as data transfer etc between their PC’s by using work stations.

Advantages of Broadband

The main advantage of broadband is that it can be accessed wherever there is an internet facility i.e. PC’s, Laptops and Phones. It can be connected wirelessly with small sized antennas and Satellite dish. The latency of this broadband is very less when compared with satellite based internets.

Disadvantages of Broadband

The major disadvantage of broadband is that it is not such reliable which includes many drop outs that cause interruption in internet usage. The speed starts reducing based on the mode of internet usage by the user because of presence of asymmetric servers.

Advantages of LAN

The main advantage of LAN is that it is easy to build a LAN network which is cost effective when compared with WAN.

Disadvantages of LAN

The main disadvantage of LAN is that it is limited upto specific size as per kilometers and it works only in limited computers. 

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